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Premium Studio Gear FOR SALE.

Studiomaster Studiomaster 16-4-2 Mixing Console. Excellent road or studio board. Includes original manual and "Mental" road case. Four sub LED read out and L-R LED readout. 5 band parametric EQ, 3 auxiliary sends/returns, and the list goes on...
Easy to use, larger knobs, analog board. And the case is great too! $2750.00

Tannoy PBM8 Tannoy PB8 Studio Monitors. Excellent condition. Only used in studio situation. Are currently hanging in the studio. $425.00 for the pair.

Yamaha 4416 YAMAHA AW4416 Digital Recording Studio. Used for only one project. NEW Condition. Upgrades include Yamaha MY8AD24 8 x 1/4 Analog Input Card and 2.5" harddrive. $4900.00 CANADIAN firm.

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