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Last Summer

I didnīt see you last summer I know you didnīt have the time
We were so far apart but you were always on my mind
Now I what you were doing
Iīve got one thing to say
I wish I hadnīt wasted all my time

Refrain:Yes, I know you didnīt really mean to do it to me
But thatīs just not the way it had to be

Now I know I love you baby
That will always stay the same
If I look at you any different
Than I guess I am to blame
I know you love me too
But thereīs one thing Iīll say
Thereīs parts to you I canīt claim

Now the painīs in my heart and the back of my head
Maybe you were right to lie
But you never should have said
For those word theyīll stain
And make me wish that one of us was dead

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