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It Ain't Funny

Life's too short to be playing games
So why argue, there's no time to waste
My heart trembles, it don't feel the same
the joys of love never remain the same
So tell me now, must we always fight?
It doesn't matter who's wrong or right
Yes it's me, baby, yes it's you
So tell me now, what are we gonna do?

(Male Rap) No one ever said life would be easy
Spending all my time trying to please thee
the girl of my dreams, the girl of my heart
now you wanna part and find a brand new start
Who was right and who was wrong?
It's still the same song as time lingers on, on and on and it don't stop
Now at night I sit alone and watch the clock tick tock

(Female Rap) Well I gave you my body, mind, soul and spirit
and when we talk of love, you don't want to hear it
I pinch myself for this can't be true
After all I've done, your singing me the blues
In love one day and the next you're not
Like a roller coaster, we're never gonna stop
My mind's in trouble, I feel it every day
No matter what happens, I'm just gonna say

It ain't funny how we hurt each other
We feel the pain, yet we stay the same
We lie, we cry, even say goodbye
We say it's strange, yet we never change, baby

It ain't funny...

It ain't funny, why we play these hurting games
We lie, we cry, it ain't funny
It ain't funny

(Male Rap) Now as strange as it seems, you remain in my dreams
My heart's broke, screams, it's flowing like streams
I can't get you out of my mind, it's true
Now what can I do to get back with you
'Cause I changed my style, I changed my ways
Oh yes i'm amazed that being in love never pays
We can't get back and one day we'll be friends
But it's bye for now, 'til we meet again

It ain't funny

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