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Message From the Heartland

Sending a Message from the Heartland, headed straight to you
Can you feel the winds of change react, thoughts surrounding you
As you lie awake and wonder how your world has come undone
Lifting you to higher ground, reaching for the sun

I want to be your teenage idol, but the years have passed me by
And through it all you've come to learn, you're old enough to cry

Sending a Message from the angels, but they've heard it all before
Standing at the gates of truth, knocking at the door
There's a silence that surrounds as you come to peace within
Holding out a crippled hand, reaching for a friend

I want to be the soul to guide you, but the angels have to fly
The time has come to face the truth, you're old enough to cry

Calling out around you fate is knocking at your door
Auras they surround you in the past and nevermore
But I know... yes I know... You're the one I want to love, you're the one who cares

Sending a Message to the doubters, thought you had to have it all
Now you're standing here alone again, your back's against the wall
There's a certain calm before the storm and to be here now is true
You've crossed the bridge to face the light, the enemy is you

I want to build my world around you, don't you ask the question why
The answer lies within your heart, you're old enough to cry...

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