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In Slumber Lion/Cline/Sherman Mid-tempo alternative bent rock ROCK
Three Hail Mary's Darlington UK pop rock ROCK
Won't Heat Enough Shtroe/Romanovski Aggressive teen-angst rock/hiphop/thrash/dance HARD ROCK
There's Always Something Long Heavy Southern influenced rock like HOOTIE SOUTHERN ROCK
Flame From Miami Jennings Cool Latino fast pop LATIN ROCK
I Think To Myself Nash Aggressive alt rock with Reggae undertones buy it ROCK
Man In the Moon Banning Loose arranged alt-bent soft rock ROCK
Round and Round Banning Busy soft rock with intense vocals ROCK
In Your Cloud Banning Alt bent rock with interesting tempo changes ROCK
With Only You Banning More rock from James Lyn Banning ROCK
In the Shade Larsen/Larsen Thinking man's heavy metal HEAVY ROCK
Suck My Fuel Johansson/Engman Aggressive, angry hard-core PUNK ROCK
Message From the Heartland Van Rosen Straight up garage rock GARAGE ROCK
Anything Shields Upbeat progressive... Seal with an edge EASY ROCK
Anything Shields Alternative version of ANYTHING EASY ROCK
Don't Make Me Cry Skoglund/Moorehead Funky groove EASY ROCK
Don't Make Me Cry Skoglund/Moorehead Female version of Don't Make Me Cry EASY ROCK
So Sad About Jen Banning Easy groove with interesting guitars EASY ROCK
Do You Want To? Banning 70's influenced rock mid-tempo EASY ROCK
Turn Away Nash Interesting sound textures buy it EASY ROCK
A Single Smile Nash Heavy rock ballad buy it ROCK BALLAD
A Candle Burns Banning Rock ballad reminiscent of 70's bell bottom rock ROCK BALLAD
Freak You Out Banning Rock ballad ROCK BALLAD

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