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After the Fire Skotte Sexy female pop ballad Pop
One True Lover Smith/Moore Slick male vocals to a classic R&B ballad R&B
Face In the Crowd Lewington Boy band arrangement R&B
Destiny Callin' McAllister/Hunsdale Cool female pop/R&B ballad Pop/R&B
Find My Way Mullane Pop R&B vocals similar to Strange Advance POP
Dream Lover O'Connell/Maudestry Kid Pop fantasizing about movie stars POP
Livin' In a House Cernero/Coulston/Gouger Huge diva pop and soul POP
I Can't Stop the Rain Hastings Modern Pop POP
Stand In My Way MARR Club mix of STAND IN MY WAY POP
I Believe Mullane Pop R&B vocals contagious groove POP
Flame From Miami Jennings Cool Latino fast pop Latin Pop
Dreaming of You Nash Beautiful easy listening AC Pop buy it POP
Promise You Forever Nash Fabulous groove and a memorable chorus buy it POP ROCK

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