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======================== Holy =========================
In Slumber Lion/Cline/Sherman Mid-tempo alternative bent rock ROCK
Won't Heat Enough Shtroe/Romanovski Aggressive teen-angst rock/hiphop/thrash/dance HARD ROCK
There's Always Something Long Heavy Southern influenced rock like Hootie SOUTHERN ROCK
Three Hail Mary's Darlington UK pop rock ROCK
I Think To Myself Nash Aggressive alt rock with Reggae undertones buy it ROCK
Man In the Moon Banning Loose arranged alt-bent soft rock ROCK
Round and Round Banning Busy soft rock with intense vocals ROCK
In Your Cloud Banning Alt bent rock with interesting tempo changes ROCK
With Only You Banning More rock from James Lyn Banning ROCK
Flame From Miami Jennings Cool Latino fast pop LATIN ROCK
In the Shade Larsen/Larsen Thinking man's heavy metal HEAVY ROCK
Suck My Fuel Johansson/Engman Aggressive, angry hard-core PUNK ROCK
From the Heartland Van Rosen Straight up garage rock GARAGE ROCK
Anything Shields Upbeat progressive... Seal with an edge EASY ROCK
Anything Shields Alternative version of ANYTHING EASY ROCK
Don't Make Me Cry Skoglund/Moorehead Funky groove EASY ROCK
Don't Make Me Cry Skoglund/Moorehead Female version of Don't Make Me Cry EASY ROCK
So Sad About Jen Banning Easy groove with interesting guitars EASY ROCK
Do You Want To? Banning 70's influenced rock mid-tempo EASY ROCK
Turn Away Nash Interesting sound textures buy it EASY ROCK
Thirteenth Floor Jensen Fun party music similar to Stray Cats ROCKIN' BLUES
Which Way To the Beach? Jensen Rockin' shufflin' boppin' blues ROCKIN' BLUES
Shuffle Bug Jensen Quick tempo modern urban blues ROCKIN' BLUES
Hold On Tight Jensen Aggressive power blues ROCKIN' BLUES
After the Fire Skotte Sexy female pop ballad POP
One True Lover Smith/Moore Slick male vocals to a classic R&B ballad R&B
Destiny Callin' McAllister/Hunsdale Cool female pop/R&B ballad POP/R&B
Find My Way Mullane Pop R&B vocals similar to Strange Advance POP
Dream Lover O'Connell/Maudestry Kid Pop fantasizing about movie stars POP
Livin' In a House Cernero/Coulston/Gouger Huge diva pop and soul POP
I Can't Stop the Rain Hastings Modern Pop POP
Stand In My Way MARR Diva pop R&B POP
Stand In My Way MARR Club mix of STAND IN MY WAY POP
Dreaming of You Nash Beautiful easy listening AC Pop buy it POP
Promise You Forever Nash Fabulous groove and a memorable chorus buy it POP ROCK
Deep Forest Johansson Great tribal chanting in this contemp groove WORLD
Into A Fire Blais/Nash Beautiful Vocals and Sax buy it SMOOTH JAZZ
Emotion Wehipeihana Muted trumpet, sexy vocals similar to Sade SMOOTH JAZZ
Just Can't Stop Roy Loose arrangement, haunting female vocals SMOOTH JAZZ
Storybook Ending Nash Mediterranean soft ballad with nylon guitar buy it SMOOTH JAZZ
Metal Tears Nash Intense sadness, wonderful textures and vocals buy it DARK BALLAD
Silence In the Court Belleville/Halaas Ballsy female Vocals similar to Morrissette POP BALLAD
Loved By You Cambedda Great groove, love song - Boy Band POP BALLAD
Face In the Crowd Lewington Boy band arrangement POP BALLAD
So Easy Nash Romantic ballad with slow dance groove buy it POP BALLAD
Where Are You Now? Trigwell Beautiful Light Favorite POWER BALLAD
Together, We Are One Angers Wedding Song POWER BALLAD
Circle the Moon Durand Smooth R&B Vocalist R&B BALLAD
Better Get To Know Your Francke Beautiful pop and soul soundscape SOUL BALLAD
Where's Annie? Nash The Diary of Anne Frank buy it STORY BALLAD
Now That I'm Over You Kubota Beautiful Country ballad COUNTRY BALLAD
A Single Smile Nash Heavy rock ballad buy it ROCK BALLAD
A Candle Burns Banning Rock ballad reminiscent of 70's bell bottom rock ROCK BALLAD
Freak You Out Banning Rock ballad ROCK BALLAD
I'm Hungry Brown Aggressive instrumental dance tune. DANCE
It Ain't Funny Brown/Sessions Female R&B vocals/Male Hip Hop/Rap parts DANCE
It Ain't Funny (Club) Brown/Sessions Club Mix of IT AIN'T FUNNY DANCE
Shake It Up Brown Party Dance Mix DANCE
You're Special Large/Errico Contemporary disco DANCE
We're an Item Large Fun Lyrics, repetitive beats DANCE
Censored Macey Techno, Trance, Dance Instrumental DANCE
Back To the 80's Macey Retro Dance Instrumental DANCE
Happy Thoughts Macey Chart Dance Instrumental DANCE
My Head Started To Spin Long/Alden Vocal Country band mid tempo ballad COUNTRY
All I Wanna Do Dickinson/McCoy Uptempo Country, line-dance groove COUNTRY
Jump Right In Condrone/McKee Classic mid-tempo storytelling country COUNTRY
Better Day Gawryluik/Nash/Nash Modern country arrangement, positive lyrics COUNTRY
Don't Tell My Heart Earl/Nash Modern country, great production and delivery COUNTRY
There's No Other Way Sizemore Uptempo straight ahead traditional/bluegrassish COUNTRY
There's No Other Way Sizemore IAN EARL version of above COUNTRY
Kiss and Tell Jeffery/Jones Country Rock loose arrangement with clever lyrics COUNTRY ROCK
Kiss and Tell Jeffery/Jones IAN EARL version of above COUNTRY ROCK
Sandy Nash/Nash Small town waitress finds out what life's about COUNTRY ROCK
She Had a Cold One Jeffery/Jones/Odom New twist to "she left me" lyrics COUNTRY ROCK
She Had a Cold One Jeffery/Jones/Odom IAN EARL version of above COUNTRY ROCK
A Man Like That Nash Great upbeat tribute to Fathers buy it COUNTRY FOLK
Still Sweet Ball/Dean Moving to a new stage of a relationship COUNTRY FOLK
Lady On the Radio Ancient Soft country folk with summertime lyrics COUNTRY FOLK
Lady On the Radio Ancient IAN EARL harder edge version of above COUNTRY POP
Lucky Stars Jensen Quick blues similar to Stevie Ray BLUES
Took A Ride Ruck/Smith Female blues similar to Bonnie Raitt BLUES
Femininity Collomb Great harmonica parts BLUES
Vessel To Sail Collomb Haunting vocals, interesting musical textures BLUES
Last Summer Collomb Reminiscent of Led Zepplin blues BLUES
Greater Than the Earth Collomb Loose arrangement, female rap parts BLUES
Shotgun Wright Acoustic slide-guitar, similar to Ry Cooder buy it INSTRUMENTAL
Encantador Dean Beautiful Spanish guitar ballad INSTRUMENTAL
Regocijo Dean Rejoice! Mid-tempo Spanish guitar INSTRUMENTAL
Blue Rain Jensen Blues ballad, fabulous guitar performance INSTRUMENTAL
Song For Chloe Deane-Johns Beautiful piano ballad with congas INSTRUMENTAL
Lament (For CB) Hart Romantic ballad with contemp jazz groove INSTRUMENTAL
Spurdog Run Bradley Mighty nice lips Mister, progressive banjo INSTRUMENTAL
Hello Woodward Electronic pop/rock, 80's feel INSTRUMENTAL
Why Baby? Jensen Cool contemporary city groove INSTRUMENTAL
Breakthrough Jensen Quick Urban-blues INSTRUMENTAL
Gwydion Deane-Johns Celtic folk song, sung in Cornish TRADITIONAL
Holy, Holy Nash Upbeat, happy Christmas song SEASONAL

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