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Into A Fire Blais/Nash Beautiful Vocals and Sax buy it SMOOTH JAZZ
Storybook Ending Nash Mediterranean soft ballad with nylon guitar parts buy it SMOOTH JAZZ
One True Lover Smith/Moore Slick male vocals to a classic R&B ballad R&B
After the Fire Skotte Sexy female pop ballad POP
Now That I'm Over You Kubota Beautiful Country ballad COUNTRY BALLAD
Emotion Wehipeihana Muted trumpet, sexy female vox similar to Sade SMOOTH JAZZ
Just Can't Stop Roy Loose arrangement, haunting female vocals SMOOTH JAZZ
Lament (For CB) Hart Romantic ballad with contemp groove, Instrumental SMOOTH JAZZ
Destiny Callin' McAllister/Hunsdale Cool female pop/R&B ballad POP/R&B
Metal Tears Nash Intense sadness, wonderful textures and vocal delivery buy it DARK BALLAD
Silence In the Court Belleville/Halaas Ballsy female Vocals similar to Morrissette POP BALLAD
Let the River Flow Smith/Ruck Cool female ballad, similar to Wilson Phillips POP BALLAD
Loved By You Cambedda Great groove, love song - Boy Band POP BALLAD
Face In the Crowd Lewington Boy band arrangement POP BALLAD
So Easy Nash Romantic ballad with slow dance groove buy it POP BALLAD
Where Are You Now? Trigwell Beautiful Light Favorite POWER BALLAD
Together, We Are One Angers Wedding Song POWER BALLAD
Circle the Moon Durand Smooth R&B Vocalist R&B BALLAD
Better Get To Know Your Broken Heart Francke Beautiful soundscape combining pop and soul SOUL BALLAD
Where's Annie? Nash The Diary of Anne Frank buy it STORY BALLAD

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