The Album...

DAN NASH CD COVER A Mediterranean, easy-listening pop sound blending a variety of traditional musical styles for an exciting and passionate musical genre belonging only to Dan Nash.

This romantic musical mixture of emotion, combined with Dan's gentle vocal nuance make this album accessible to a wide range of radio formats from adult contemporary to new country to CHR to AAA. This distinct sound will add a subtle new dimension to any format.

The Juno and Platinum award winning team assembled for this recording add to the overall ambience of the album. The contributing musicians live and recording experiences read like the who's who in the Canadian music industry: Sass Jordan, Shania Twain, Rita McNeil, Valdy, the Earth Tones, Ian Tyson, Tom Jackson, Shari Ulrich, Gary Fjellgaard, Darby Mills...

Canadian born and bred, Dan Nash has lived throughout Canada from the far North, to the west coast, to la belle province - and everywhere in between. The diverse background and exposure to many regions, cultures and music have contributed to the fusion of styles attributed to this project. Dan has been a professional musician performing live for over ten years.


The Singles

Dreaming of You

An enchanting song contemplating the confusion and struggles associated with the desicion to take a relationship to the next level. A brisk tempo with beautiful piano accompaniment complimenting the haunting vocal melody. With his warmly textured vocals and definative styling, DAN NASH creates an ambiance reflecting his inner torment..."the yearning tears my soul apart."

"DREAMING OF YOU is exactly what the market needs. New creative writing, and in a commercial vein... Dan Nash has something special." - Frank Fara - Comstock Records

So Easy

So Easy is a feel-good song about the emotion and thoughts that go through your head when you realize you are truly in love. The musical texture of this song achieved by combining the various support vocalists with Dan's gentle vocal nuance along with the lush and finely balanced instrumentation creates a refreshing and heart-warming song.

"SO EASY should be Dan's biggest hit to date." - Chuck Reynolds, Radio CHYR

Storybook Ending

Storybook Ending is the third single from the highly acclaimed self-titled debut from Dan Nash. This song is about true love transcending all else in the eye of the performer. This is a potent musical mixture of emotion in combination with Dan's gentle yet powerful voice.

"STORYBOOK ENDING is a breath of fresh air." - Brian Langston, Radio CFWS

A Man Like That

It's about a son finally seeing his father as a man. "We've all had an important male figure that has helped us through the tough times. Whether it was your father, a teacher, a friend, or a neighbour, I'm sure you can identify with the sentiment of the song. There just seems to be so little importance placed on the men who touch our lives in such an important and influential way."

This is an upbeat and happy song.

Promise You Forever

Promise You Forever is an up-beat sentimental song about undying love. You have been awake all night, contemplating your relationship, of the things you do, of the new communication between you, of where you want to be in the future, and at that moment - as the sunrise hits the bed - you realize that this really is it, and you promise forever...

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